"Steps were the first carriers
and footprints the first treks"

Our Activities


Trekking is for those who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast terrain of Indian Himalayas.


Excursions or short trips/vacations can enthuse a new lease of life in human beings. A little away from routine lifestyle can rejuvenate yourself. To help you, we organize outdoor.

Weekend Getaways

Tired of taxing city life and looking for a relaxing short break from the maddening hustle-bustle? We offer our members some of the stress busters gateways at very reasonable fee.


We try to make a routine Sunday into exciting Sunday. A get-together of friends, something new to learn, some music to unwind, some tasty food for your appetite can change the way you think.

River Rafting

River Rafting in the Ganges is becoming more and more throughout the summers and it can really get your adrenaline pumping. Kaudiyala and Shivpuri near Rishikesh have one of the best river runs in the country.

Tree Plantation Expeditions

Mother Nature has bestowed its beauty in abundance to the mankind. But in search of fanatic civilization, man has destroyed the forests and snatched the natural habitat of wild life in India. We collectively make an effort to repair the damage. We are planning to organize Tree Plantation Expedition, join us in our effort. And many more.

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